Tesla Dog Mode – Keep Your Pooch Comfy

Leaving your dog in your car has never been a great idea on a hot day. Or a very cold day for that matter!

Cars get hot in the sun, very fast, and a Tesla Model S or Model 3 with a glass roof, even more so. So, no matter what the outside temperature is, this Tesla feature is a lifesaver!

And cold days in places like Canada and Northern Europe are never fun either. Especially for long periods!

That is why Tesla developed this climate control feature.

What is Tesla Dog Mode?

Tesla Dog Mode keeps dogs cool in summer and warm in winter

Tesla Dog Mode is a feature in every Tesla that is designed to keep your dog safe and comfortable while are you are away. It controls the climate control settings in the vehicle by keeping the temperature you set and also displays a notice on the screen for passersby to read (in case they get worried about your pet).

The note on the screen says:

My Owner Will Be Back Soon.

Don’t worry. The A/C is on and it’s XY degrees F/C

This is actually quite a simple air conditioning feature when you think about it. It keeps your pet cool in the heat, or warm in the cold. And alerts anyone who might be concerned, as often people get worried or angry when people leave pets in a closed car in the heat or cold. And understandably!

You can see dog mode (or maybe just call it Tesla pet mode because it works for any pet) in action in this video from Tesla:

How To Activate Tesla Dog Mode

This Tesla mode is easy to activate, simply

  • Tap on the Fan Icon
  • Set the desired Cabin Temperature
  • Select Dog from the options given

You can then leave and lock the vehicle as normal. Just keep in mind that Sentry Mode will always be disabled.

Hot to activate dog mode tesla

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