Does Tesla Offer Financing?

If you are in the market for a new car, you might be wondering whether Tesla offers financing?

Tesla has a number of options for people wanting to purchase their electric vehicles.

Tesla Leasing

Tesla leasing is the first option that is available. They have options from 24 and 36 months and you can use their own Tesla Leasing Calculator to help you figure out the costs.

Not only can you choose your exact vehicle, but you can also vary the down payment. Tesla then calculates the first month – which includes a fee and the downpayment.

The tool also shows you all the other fees and costs transparently in the calculator to help understand what you are paying.

As with all leases, Tesla requires a credit check before offering a lease.

End of Lease

At the end of the lease, Tesla offers three options:

  • Upgrade to a new Tesla
  • Buy your Tesla
  • Return your Tesla

Tesla Loans

Tesla also offers loans on the basis of 36 or 72 months, provided you are over 18 and have a social security number. This is all part of the credit checking process of course.

You can learn more about their Loan options and FAQs here.

Tesla Vehicle Payment

The final thing that Tesla offers is a variety of payment methods for paying for and picking up your vehicle on Delivery Day!

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