Changing The Horn on Your Tesla

Another fun feature that Tesla has added to all the electric vehicles lately is the ability to change the sound of your horn.

This is part of the so-called Boombox mode which all use the external speaker on your Tesla. However, the horn sound is specifically linked to your steering wheel horn as on any normal car.

Of course, the normal horn sound is quite loud and a recognised sound, so you want to think twice before changing it.

How To Change Your Horn On Your Tesla

There are two parts to changing the horn on your Tesla.

  1. Creating a specifically formatted USB drive for your Tesla
  2. Loading the USB with up to 5 tracks in the Boombox folder
  3. Selecting on of those 5 tracks for your horn

1. Formatting A USB

Tesla requires a specific format to be used for USBs in their cars. So, your best bet is to format your USB in your car itself.

Follow these steps:

  • insert a USB in the console
  • open Safety & Security on your screen
  • go to Dashcam
  • tap the Format USB Drive button
how to format a sentry mode USB drive Tesla
How to format a Sentry Mode USB drive in your Tesla

If you prefer to format it on your laptop, be sure to choose the right format: FAT32 or exFat (for software version 2020.12 or later)

2. Adding Music Tracks To Your USB Drive

You can add up to five individual music tracks to change your horn. They need to be either mp3 or wav file formats.

If you have other formats, they need to be converted. This can usually be done with either Apple iTunes of Windows Media Player. They both have built in formatting functions.

Note: You need to create a folder in your formatted USB drive with the name “Boombox”. The tracks need to be placed inside that folder.

3. Choosing a New Sound For Your Horn

Once you plug your USB into your Tesla console. the new music tracks will then appear in your Boombox dropdowns at the bottom of each list. So, you can use them to replace the Horn sound, or other sounds in the Boombox.

To change your horn sound in your Tesla, select the dropdown for the Horn and scroll down to the bottom of the list where the tracks will be listed. Their name with “USB” on the front will be visible in the list.

Replace Horn from the list in your Boombox menu
Replace Horn from the list in your Boombox menu

You can preview the sound of the horn with the Preview button next to the list. And if you are satisfied with the sound (test with your window down) then ou can tap the Replace Horn switch to turn it on.

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