Tesla Celebration Xmas Mode (Model X)

Elon Musk and the Tesla team are always up for a bit of fun.

Given that the Model X was a car they spent years perfecting, they decided to add some fun Easter Eggs into the car.

Once such Easter Egg was Xmas mode, sometimes called Celebration mode.

What does Xmas Mode / Celebration Mode Do?

The Tesla Model X celebration mode puts on a light show, combined with a specific music track and adds a bit of a dance show using the doors and windows.

The Tesla moves and flashes headlights and turn signals in time to a song called Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

It might not be to everyone’s taste, as it is a bit of a heavy metal instrumental, but it is certainly a unique display of the Tesla Model Xs capabilities.

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How To Enable Xmas Mode / Celebration Mode

It is quite simple to enable Xmas mode (Celebration Mode). Just follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Tesla “T” at the top of the screen for more than 5 seconds
  2. A popup will appear with “PLEASE ENTER ACCESS CODE”
  3. Type in ModelXmas and hit OK
  4. Exit the vehicle, closing all doors and press the Lock Door button
  5. The show will start momentarily

The song and complete show take a little over 2 minutes.

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