Tesla Trax App – Music Maker

As part of the much awaited holiday update of 2019 (Update 2019.40.50) Tesla added a whole range of features including Camp Mode and an app called TRAX v 0.1. What Is Tesla Trax? Tesla Trax is an app that allows you to compose music on your screen. You can add various instruments, change the pitch … Read more

Tesla Model S Tech Package

Tesla is always trying to improve the performance and features of their vehicles, and that includes the older Model S vehicles. Up until around March 2015 there was an extra features package called the Tech Package that gave Model S owners a whole lot of useful features. So, if you are in the market for … Read more

Tesla Sentry Mode & Sentry Mode Events

Tesla sentry mode events

If you have any kind of Tesla, then you have Sentry mode. Tesla’s version of a built-in security system that uses Tesla vehicles outside cameras. Sentry mode uses the three front-facing, two side, and rear cameras to monitor your vehicle for any events that seem suspicious. Sentry Mode Events A Tesla Sentry Mode Event is … Read more

Tesla Blind Spot Warning & Camera

Tesla cars do not detect blind spots like other vehicles do. Instead, when you indicate to change lanes your Tesla will do the following on the screen: the car will move to give a better view of what is around you if there is a car in your blind spot the lane and car go … Read more

Can You Jump Start A Tesla?

tesla model 3

If you find yourself with a flat battery on your Tesla, you are no doubt annoyed! The big question is though, can you jump start your Tesla just like a normal car? Yes, you can jump start your Tesla. Because it has a 12V battery under the hood just like any other car. However, keep … Read more

How to Open Tesla Glovebox

Tesla Glovebox Open

The glove box on all Tesla models is located on the passenger side of all Tesla vehicles as you would expect. However, there is no handle or button on the front to open it. Except on the Model S, of course! (More on that below). In order to open the glove box on any model … Read more

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