Screen Clean Mode (Quite Handy!)

if you have ever wondered what Tesla Screen Clean Mode is. Or, perhaps you have wished you could clean your screen more easily in your Model Y or Model S. Then this mode is just for you. Screen Clean Mode was designed by Tesla to help electric vehicle owners clean their touch screens with ease. … Read more

Tesla Car Names – How & Which One?

When you get a new model Tesla, you might be tempted to name it. After all, people like naming their favorite new toys, children and cars, right? And now that you have helped accelerate the electric car revolution, its time to celebrate it with a Tesla car naming ceremony. But first, you have to pick … Read more

Does Tesla Offer Financing?

If you are in the market for a new car, you might be wondering whether Tesla offers financing? Tesla has a number of options for people wanting to purchase their electric vehicles. Tesla Leasing Tesla leasing is the first option that is available. They have options from 24 and 36 months and you can use … Read more

Do Teslas Have Engines

With electric vehicles like Teslas slowly taking over the roads, you might be starting to wonder a little more about how they work. One of the simplest questions most people have is do Teslas have engines? The simple answer is: No, Teslas do not have engines. Instead, they have electric motors that use the energy … Read more

Do Teslas Need Oil Changes?

If you own a Tesla electric car, you might be wondering if you need to carry out an oil change like you would in a normal car. The simple answer is: No, you do not need to change the oil in a Tesla. This is because it has an electric motor instead of an internal … Read more

Tesla Trax App – Music Maker

As part of the much awaited holiday update of 2019 (Update 2019.40.50) Tesla added a whole range of features including Camp Mode and an app called TRAX v 0.1. What Is Tesla Trax? Tesla Trax is an app that allows you to compose music on your screen. You can add various instruments, change the pitch … Read more

Tesla Rainbow Road – Cowbell

Elon Musk likes to play jokes and have fun and the Rainbow Road was released as an Easter Egg back in April of 2016. What Is Rainbow Road? The Rainbow Road displayed in the Tesla is visible while driving with Autopilot on and changes the road you are driving on into a multi-colored road. It … Read more

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