How To Turn Off A Tesla

If you have never owned an electric vehicle or a Tesla before, you might be wondering how you turn your Tesla off. The following are the main ways you can turn off your Tesla. Walk Away / Leave Your Vehicle There is no specific “off button” for your Tesla. Whether it’s a Model 3, Model … Read more

Telsa Apple Carplay – Do They Have It?

model 3 entertainment without apple carplay

As you probably know, Apple Carplay is the ideal way to connect your iPhone to your vehicle to use all of its great features. However, for many years now, Tesla owners have been requesting Apple Carplay and have not gotten it. Does Tesla Have Apple Carplay? All Tesla models do not currently have Apple Carplay. … Read more

Changing The Horn on Your Tesla

Another fun feature that Tesla has added to all the electric vehicles lately is the ability to change the sound of your horn. This is part of the so-called Boombox mode which all use the external speaker on your Tesla. However, the horn sound is specifically linked to your steering wheel horn as on any … Read more

Connecting An iPhone To Your Tesla

Your Tesla vehicle is a technological marvel. Especially when it comes to things like software features and functions. And, having the ability to enter and control your Tesla via your iPhone is a huge benefit. So, how exactly do you connect your iPhone to your Tesla? How To Connect An iPhone To Your Tesla In … Read more

Tesla Romance Mode – Warm & Toasty

Elon Musk and the Tesla team are renowned for releasing some weird and wonderful features in their cars. From Joe Mode and Camp Mode, to Sentry Mode and Dog Mode, there seems to be no stopping them when it comes to the weird and wonderful. So, it is no suprise that they have also released … Read more

Unique & Funny Tesla Vanity Plates

Tesla as a brand has inspired a lot of devoted fans and even an army of sorts. From people who love the mission of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy, to those who just love the fact that these electric cars are like iPhones on wheels, there is a range of Tesla lovers out there. … Read more

Tesla VIN Decoder

tesla model s manufacturing

If you are looking to buy a second-hand Tesla or trying to figure out where a Tesla was manufactured or which options it was built with, then a Tesla VIN decoder or lookup is the way to go. You can also decode your VIN once you get it on your order screen or while tracking … Read more

Best Tesla Trip Planners

tesa trip planner

Heading on a long Tesla road trip with your electric vehicle? Maybe you just got a new Tesla Model Y? Then you will want to be sure that you don’t run out of charge on the way. That is why people want to know how to map a Tesla trip, both easily and efficiently. Sure, … Read more

How to Track Tesla Delivery

tesla deliveries

You’ve placed your order for a new Model Y or Model 3? Or maybe you have a huge chunk of cash lying around and you have ordered a Plaid Model S! Congrats. Now, you might be wondering how to track your Tesla delivery. Or simply figure out your Tesla order status. Tracking Your Tesla Delivery … Read more

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