How Tesla Brakes Work – A Quick Guide

If you have never owned or driven a Tesla or electric vehicle, this question might seem a little stupid. But I have seen some strange questions around on the internet, so I thought I would write a brief guide on all things Tesla brakes. The first question that needs to be answered, because I have … Read more

Telsa Tire Rotation Guide

Keeping your tires in top condition is one of the few things you have to do when you own a Tesla. Gone are the days of huge annual bills for oil changes, belt failures, and getting ripped off by your local mechanic for things you never needed! Rotating your tires on a Tesla is actually … Read more

Best Tesla J1772 Adapters (To Charge Anywhere)

tesla charging

When you buy a Tesla you get the mobile connector kit with your electric vehicle, however, it does not come with a J1772 or Type 1 connecter. And if you plan on being able to charge at most US charging stations, aside from the Supercharger network or your home Tesla Wall Charger, then you will … Read more

Tesla Safety Score (FSD Beta, Insurance)

If you are trying to get into the Tesla FSD Beta program, or maybe are just wondering what the Safety Score is, then this is the post for you. Tesla has been trying to improve their FSD Beta software for the last few years and rolling it out to more and more Tesla owners has … Read more

Do Teslas Come With a Charger?

If you are looking to buy yourself a Tesla soon, you might be wondering if it comes with its own charger? After all, you will need to charge your Tesla several times a week or perhaps even daily. Depending on how far your commute is, of course. So, does your Tesla come with a charger? … Read more

Do Teslas Have Engines

With electric vehicles like Teslas slowly taking over the roads, you might be starting to wonder a little more about how they work. One of the simplest questions most people have is do Teslas have engines? The simple answer is: No, Tesla vehicles do not have engines. Instead, they have electric motors that use battery … Read more

Do Teslas Need Oil Changes?

If you own a Tesla electric car, you might be wondering if you need to carry out a motor oil change like you would in a normal car. The simple answer is: No, you do not need to change the oil in a Tesla. This is because it has an electric motor instead of an … Read more

Tesla Trax App – Music Maker

As part of the much awaited holiday update of 2019 (Update 2019.40.50) Tesla added a whole range of features including Camp Mode and an app called TRAX v 0.1. What Is Tesla Trax? Tesla Trax is an app that allows you to compose music on your screen. You can add various instruments, change the pitch … Read more

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