Tesla OBD – What Are The Options?

If you know anything about cars and electronics then you might be wondering if Tesla has OBD (On-board Diagnostic)? After all, access to the OBD port gives you a lot of data about the car and enables you to learn, diagnose and fix things that you otherwise would have no chance with. Interestingly, OBD became … Read more

Does Tesla Use Google Maps?

tesla maps and navigation

If you have ever used the Tesla navigation system and trip planner, you probably recognise the maps and have wondered if Tesla really uses Google Maps? The short answer is yes. Tesla uses Google Maps for the display of the maps on the screen for navigation. However, the actual navigation comes from outside suppliers. Which … Read more

Does Tesla Make Their Own Batteries?

Tesla has been producing electric vehicles for nearly two decades now. And since they started doing this they have been struggling to find the batteries they need. People thought they were crazy using normal Lithium-ion batteries from the likes of computers and then stacking them in modules to make up their battery packs. Tesla And … Read more

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