Tesla OBD – What Are The Options?

If you know anything about cars and electronics then you might be wondering if Tesla has OBD (On-board Diagnostic)? After all, access to the OBD port gives you a lot of data about the car and enables you to learn, diagnose and fix things that you otherwise would have no chance with. Interestingly, OBD became … Read more

Tesla Insurance – More Personal & Cheaper

Tesla has been dabbling in insurance since August 2019, when they launched their first Tesla Insurance in California. During the release of their insurance, Tesla stated that drivers in California could expect discounts compared to normal insurance of around 20-30%. Why Is Tesla Insurance Cheaper? Tesla has often said that it knows its cars and … Read more

Tesla Megapack – A Utility Scale Battery

tesla megapack

Tesla has been producing their Megapack Utility Scale Battery storage since it was first installed at scale in South Australia in 2017 Utilities love the Megapack because it provides and off the shelf, easy to install battery storage system that can provide Gigawatts of storage at an affordable price. So, if you want to learn … Read more

Tesla Powerwall – Your Questions Answered

tesla powerwall

Tesla released the first powerwall back in 2015. They have since installed 200,000 powerwalls all over the world and are accelerating their installation every year. So, why would you want a Tesla Powerwall? How long do they last? Or how much do they cost? We will answer all those questions below. What Is A Powerwall … Read more

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