Tesla Boat Mode – Does It Work?

tesla boat mode

Tesla Boat Mode is not an official mode endorsed by Tesla! Instead it is a kind of insider joke by Tesla enthusiasts about a Teslas ability to float and not leak when driving through very high water. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up in such “high water” during floods or when fording rivers and … Read more

The Cheapest Electric Cars in 2022

Tesla Model Y 4680 Batteries


Tesla announced their plans to make their own batteries and move to the 4680 battery form factor back on Battery Day on September 22, 2020. This new type of battery was hailed by Tesla as the solution to the battery cost problem and a way to reduce battery prices by over 50% in the coming … Read more

Model Y Roof Racks & Cargo Boxes

If you are after more carrying capacity on your Tesla Model Y roof then you need a roof rack or cargo box. These two additions to your Model Y provide you with lots of options in terms of what and how you can carry larger and additional objects on your Tesla. All without damaging that … Read more

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