Tesla Boombox Mode

boombox mode

Have you ever wanted to host your own private party around your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y? Well now you can. Tesla created a Boombox mode in their vehicles in late 2020 to celebrate Christmas. It allows you to play specific sounds or music from the external speakers of your Tesla car. But let’s … Read more

Tesla Car Wash Mode

tesla car wash

Tesla is always coming up with helpful software updates to make your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y even better! And with the 2021.24.4 update, Tesla added a new mode called Car Wash Mode to make your next visit to one of those automatic car washes even easier. This is not to be confused with … Read more

Tesla Camp Mode

camp mode

Maybe you have heard of Tesla Dog Mode, it was made for pets. But Tesla Camp Mode is maybe a human version you might enjoy. Tesla Camp Mode was introduced back in December 2019 as a way to enjoy a night out camping in your Tesla vehicle. It might be hard to imagine, but with … Read more

Tesla Heat Pumps – Model Y and Model 3

Model Y Red

Tesla is constantly innovating and improving its vehicles. That is why the rest of the automotive industry is still struggling to catch them. And one of the ways the things they focus on constantly is making their cars more efficient. Efficient in terms of wind drag, to give more range. But also in terms of … Read more

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