Tesla MCU – Infotainment Upgrade Advice

Tesla MCU upgrade and retrofit

The Infotainment System in your Tesla runs on a chip called an MCU – Media Control Unit. It is the heart behind the Infotainment features such as Audio & Music Gaming Entertainment Navigation The original MCU in older vehicles such as the original Model S and Model X can certainly do a lot of things, … Read more

Tesla Celebration Xmas Mode (Model X)

model x tesla

Elon Musk and the Tesla team are always up for a bit of fun. Given that the Model X was a car they spent years perfecting, they decided to add some fun Easter Eggs into the car. Once such Easter Egg was Xmas mode, sometimes called Celebration mode. What does Xmas Mode / Celebration Mode … Read more

Tesla Camp Mode

camp mode

Maybe you have heard of Tesla Dog Mode, it was made for pets. But Tesla Camp Mode is maybe a human version you might enjoy. Tesla Camp Mode was introduced back in December 2019 as a way to enjoy a night out camping in your Tesla vehicle. It might be hard to imagine, but with … Read more

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