Tesla Factory Tours & Parties

Tesla now has three Gigafactories around the world. There is one running in America in Nevada, California and Buffalo, New York, as well as one in Shanghai, China. On top of that, Tesla has it’s first factory in Freemont, California, which is not a “Giga” per se, but still one of their most important factories! … Read more

Does Tesla Get Government Subsidies?

money subsidies government

Yes. Like almost all large companies, Tesla takes advantage of incentives and subsidies from federal, state, and local governments. This helps them to accelerate the construction of factories, expand existing facilities and grow the business at a faster rate. Of course, not everyone sees this as fair. However, governments are always making offers of tax … Read more

Does Tesla Deliver To Your Home?

tesla delivery center

When it comes time to take delivery of your new Tesla you might be wondering how you are going to get it. Should you take some time off work and pick it up at the Tesla Service Center? Or maybe you would like Tesla to deliver it to your home. Just like your Amazon deliveries! … Read more

Does Tesla Give Out Loaner Cars?

Getting a loaner car is always a complicated issue when you have to get your vehicle repaired under warranty, after an accident, or just because something broke. And getting a loaner car from Tesla is something a lot of you are wondering about. So, does Tesla give loaner cars? Yes, in many cases, loaner cars … Read more

Does Tesla Sell Used Cars?

If you are looking to buy a Tesla, you might be wondering if Tesla also sells used electric vehicles? After all, a brand new Tesla Model S or even Model Y is kinda expensive, right? With the Model S coming in nearly $90,000 and the Model Y at $54,000! Tesla Used Cars With Tesla electric … Read more

Does Tesla Make Their Own Batteries?

Tesla has been producing electric vehicles for nearly two decades now. And since they started doing this they have been struggling to find the batteries they need. People thought they were crazy using normal Lithium-ion batteries from the likes of computers and then stacking them in modules to make up their battery packs. Tesla And … Read more

Tesla Advertising – The Truth Behind It All

You may have noticed there is not one single Tesla ad on TV! Or anywhere else for that matter. Or have you just missed them, because you only watch Netflix? Does Tesla Have Commercials? It may seem a little strange to most TV viewers and car owners, but Tesla does not have any commercials. Tesla … Read more

Tesla Lithium Suppliers

When it comes to securing Lithium suppliers for its future batteries, Tesla is often way ahead of the pack. They know their own Lithium demand because they know how many battery cells and electric vehicles they plan to sell over the next few years and even the next decade. And from that, and their energy … Read more

What OS Does Tesla Use?

When you think of electric cars like Tesla you probably associate them with technology and computers. And one of the things we all know about computers is they use different operating systems. From Windows, macOS and Linux to phone operating systems like iOS and Android. Tesla also uses different operating systems in their products. What … Read more

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