Tesla Car Wash Mode

Tesla is always coming up with helpful software updates to make your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y even better! And with the 2021.24.4 update, Tesla added a new mode called Car Wash Mode to make your next visit to one of those automatic car washes even easier.

This is not to be confused with Screen Clean Mode, which I will leave for another article!

How To Enable Car Wash Mode

Enabling Car Wash mode is quite simple, all you have to do is tap on the following

  1. Car Controls
  2. Service
  3. Car Wash Mode

You can see it in the image below

How To Enable Car Wash Mode
How To Enable

Once you tap on this mode, a warning comes up and you then confirm you want to enter that mode.

Car Wash Mode Warning

What Does Car Wash Mode Do?

Tesla’s Car Wash mode ensures your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is ready to go through an automatic car wash. This means that the following is done automatically by the car:

  • Windows will raise automatically
  • Disables windshield wipers
  • Lock the charge port door
  • Turn off sentry mode
  • Disable walk-away door locking
  • Disable the parking sensor chimes
  • Turn climate to recirculating
  • Checks Frunk & Trunk are closed
Car Wash Mode Checklist
Mode Checklist

The last option for the Frunk and Trunk doesn’t actually close them but will put a red cross against either one if it is open, allowing you to resolve the problem

All of these things make sense for a car about to go through so much water of course, but there are a few more options once you have enabled this mode.

Folding The Mirrors

car wash mode - fold mirrors
Fold Mirrors

You can choose the Fold Mirrors option, which is below the checklist of things that this mode does for you. I personally find it sensible to leave them out because you might want to clean the glass on the mirrors, but some people want them closed. So, it’s an optional button.

Put Car In Neutral / Free Roll

Car Wash Mode Free Roll
Enable Free Roll

Another thing you need to do when going into a car wash is to put your Tesla in neutral so that it can be pulled along by the mechanism. It is quite tricky to find neutral sometimes on the gear stalk, so they have also put a button called Enable Free Roll to do it for you.

Once you are in this mode, you just have to ensure that you are moving very very slowly and you can click on Enable Free Roll. You will have to do this as you drive onto the moving band in the car wash, so this part can be a little tricky and might get some improvements from Tesla.

It also prevents you from accidentally using the parking brake, just so you know.

How To Exit Car Wash Mode

The final thing you may want to do is exit this mode. There is a button for this at the bottom of the screen on the right-hand side – Exit Car Wash Mode.

Tesla Car Wash FAQ

In case you have any questions about your Tesla and a car wash, we have answered the most common questions below.

Can a Tesla Go Through a Car Wash?

Yes, you can certainly take your Tesla car through a car wash. In fact, Tesla even has the above-mentioned Car Wash Mode, specifically for this situation.

There is no danger of electrocution with a Tesla when it comes near water. In fact, Teslas are so watertight you can even drive them like a boat. Although I would not recommend it!

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