Can You Negotiate A Tesla Price?

Buying a new car is expensive. And when you are talking about premium electric vehicles like a Tesla then you know it is not going to be cheap (there are lots of reasons why).

So, if you have ever bought a new or even used car before, you know the price is always negotiable. Or is it?

Negotiating The Price Of A Tesla

So, how much can you negotiate the price of a new Tesla?

The honest answer is you cannot. Tesla sells direct to the public and has fixed prices. Therefore, you can’t negotiate the price of a Tesla!

Why Tesla Pricing Is Different?

For all other car manufacturers, there is a dealer selling the car. Dealerships, in almost all cases, are businesses in their own right. They are not owned by the manufacturer.

So, they need to make money by selling you a car at a marked-up price. The same as any other product you buy in a store. They buy it at a fixed price and get whatever they can for it from you.

The manufacturer gives them a recommended retail price and usually advertises at that base price. But there is a margin baked into that price, but you usually end up getting “features” and “add-ons” anyway. So, the base price in the ads is never the price you are going to pay.

Tesla model 3 design studio with prices
Tesla Model 3 Design Studio with prices

Tesla is far more transparent. They have a tool on their site, called the design studio, where you can choose your model, options, wheels, etc. And see exactly what you are going to pay.

They will also alert you to any state or federal tax incentives and tell you approximately when you can expect your car!

There is no messing around. No negotiation, which most of us hate anyway. And no sneaky hidden fees, markups, or anything else. The only reason Tesla changes the price is because of supply price rises, or because they can lower their manufacturing costs and pass them on to you.

They will also give you an offer for a trade-in too, which again is done in a very simple fashion online.

Currently, Teslas are the highest price they have been (in 2022) because of supply chain issues. Everything is expensive. But expect Tesla to start lowering prices again in 2023 once these abates.

Tesla is not about ripping off its customers, they are all about getting as many EVs on the road as possible. As soon as possible. It’s their mission!

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