Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection

Tesla has a good habit of including features such as some you always wanted and others you never knew you needed. From the likes of Dog Mode, Camp Mode and Karaoke, you never know what upgrades and features your Tesla Model 3 will wake up with next.

One issue we all have is our Tesla vehicle getting hot when it is standing in the sun too long. This is not something new to most of us and can lead to crazy temperatures inside your car if the sun is beating down all day.

And on top of this, all Tesla vehicle roofs are covered in glass, which makes the car even hotter in the sun!

Of course, if you are planning on leaving your dog or cat in the car for short periods while you are out shopping or running some errands, then Dog Mode is the thing you want to use. But I digress, let’s get on with what this amazing Tesla vehicle feature can do for you!

That is where the Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection mode comes in.

What is Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection?

Cabin overheat protection is a feature of the climate control system that is designed to keep the inside temperature of the vehicle at or below 40°C (105°F). It does this by using either the fan or the air conditioning system to maintain this cabin temperature should the vehicle be standing for long periods in the sun or heat.

Limitations To Be Aware Of

Keep in mind that this feature is not the same as Dog Mode or Camp Mode and will not heat the vehicle up in the cold. It is only designed to keep the cabin from getting too hot.

This mode is also not enabled by default, so if you plan on parking in higher temperatures, like when it is left outside in summer, it is a great idea to enable this mode. After all, who wants a sizzling interior temperature in their car?

Cabin protection will also only run for 12 hours and only if the battery capacity is 20% or greater.

How To Enable Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection

Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection mode

In order to enable Cabin Overheat Protection you simply follow these steps:

  • Tap on Controls
  • Select Safety & Security
  • Scroll down to Cabin Overheat Protection

You can choose to turn it on with either

  • fan & AC (which is “ON”)
  • or just fan (no AC) in order to save a little power

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