Should I Buy A Tesla Now or Wait?

Deciding on the perfect moment to buy your new Tesla model can be difficult!

Aside from the long wait for electric vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck or the new Tesla Roadster (hint: probably 2023), it is also complicated to figure out the best time to buy a Model Y or new Model S Plaid!

There are lots of factors to take into account when deciding when is the best time to buy a new Tesla. So, in this article, I want to break it all down and help you make the right decision.

The US EV Tax Credit

The Biden administration has finally passed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. This contains EV Tax Credit which will be active in January 2022.

It is unclear whether there is any advantage to waiting until 2022 since Tesla keeps raising prices to keep up with inflation. This may stop later this year if inflation does. But Elon Musk has said they have to be careful as deliveries are often 6-12 months out and they have to factor that into the price. (More on this below)

Tesla has also started to push people who are delaying delivery to take delivery asap. Tesla has more customers than cars they can build, so they are no longer in the mood to wait to deliver them. People were perpetually delaying delivery to try to get a better deal, but that won’t fly anymore.

So, if you want a Tesla. I would buy now!

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The Perfect Time To Purchase A Tesla

There is no perfect time to buy a Tesla because they are always improving them.

Unlike other manufacturers, Tesla does not abide by standard “model years” and only releases changes to a vehicle then. Instead, they use what is called “Agile methodologies” in their design, engineering, and production, which means changes roll out daily.

Sure, major changes like with the Tesla Model S Plaid take years to come out, but in general, with the Model Y and Model 3, the vehicles are undergoing constant changes.

There are some changes though, that might be worth waiting for before buying your car, but in general, there is no better time to buy a Tesla than today.

Price Rises

Tesla is currently (mid-2022) raising prices to keep up with supplier price rises in things like parts, shipping and battery materials. So, for that reason alone, you should lock in the current price of any Tesla you can get. It will get cheaper at some point in the future, but that could be a year away or more.

Keep in mind the waiting time for most Teslas is now anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on the model and where you live. So, waiting is also not going to help.

Full Self Driving Price Changes

As Tesla continues to improve its Full Self Driving system they also increase the price of the package.

It used to be $8000 when FSD was first being tested. Then it was quickly raised to $10,000. It has just recently, at the beginning of 2022, been raised to $12,000.

There is also the option of taking the subscription package, but that too will likely increase when FSD improves to a good enough level. (And it is constantly improving every month via OTA – Over The Air updates).

This leads to the conclusion: the longer you wait to buy a Tesla, the more expensive FSD becomes. So, if that is something you see yourself buying, then don’t wait too long.

AMD Ryzen Chip – For The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla is constantly improving their cars and the entertainment system and overall screen usability is a huge part of that. After all, the whole car is controlled on the screen, bar a few functions. And the car has become known as an iPhone on wheels.

Tesla updated vehicles from the so-called MCU 1 to MCU 2 a few years ago and even allowed people to retrospectively upgrade to MCU 2 for better screen performance.

Tesla first added the new AMD Ryzen chip to the new Model S, which also has a screen in the rear. So, people were waiting to see if it made its way into the Model 3 and Y.

And, it has started being added since early 2022 in North America. And even earlier (November 2021) in China Model Ys.

As with all things Tesla, it is not clear when it will come to other regions, especially for the Model 3.

And, it is possible that the new Model Y builds coming out of both Texas and Berlin will have them too. That excludes Model 3s for now too. At least in Europe.

New 4680 Batteries & Structural Packs

Tesla 4680 Cells
Tesla 4680 Cells

Another big thing people are waiting for is the new battery technology (4680 batteries) from Tesla, along with the structural packs. This also includes the front and rear single-piece castings that Tesla has designed using the Giga Press.

There is currently no information on what these big changes will mean for the end-user – ie. you and I. However, it is assumed that it could

  • Reduce the overall cost of battery packs
  • Decrease the pack weight (more range)
  • Improve other aspects of the pack (stiffness for example)
  • Improve thermal efficiency (safer, cheaper)

Or, some people might just want to get it because it is the latest and greatest from Tesla. No harm in that!

The current status of the 4680 cells in Model Ys is:

  • Any Tesla Model Y produced in Giga Texas/Austin has the 4680 cells with the structural pack and rear and front castings
  • Model Ys produced in Giga Berlin will have the castings and a version of the pack with the older 2170 cells for the time being. They are still working on the battery production line, and Elon has stated the 4680s will be used later in 2022. Perhaps (Elon is often over-enthusiastic on timelines)
  • Shanghai and Freemont have the rear casting, but not the full casting and structural battery set up. This will not change for the foreseeable future.

New Model Y Paint Colors In Berlin

If you live in Europe, you might want to wait for the opening of Giga Berlin to get the new Model Y Paint colors.

Tesla has installed what they claim is the most advanced paint shop in the world in Giga Berlin. It uses multicoat paint, and so far we are aware of three new colors that are coming out in Berlin:

  • Deep Crimson
  • Abyss Blue
  • Mercury Silver

Upcoming Model 3 & Model Y Changes

You can never be 100% sure, but recent owner’s manual updates suggest that the Model 3 and Model Y will be getting a range of updates in the not-too-distant future. These include:

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