Tesla Boombox Mode

Have you ever wanted to host your own private party around your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y? Well now you can.

Tesla created a Boombox mode in their vehicles in late 2020 to celebrate Christmas. It allows you to play specific sounds or music from the external speakers of your Tesla car.

But let’s dive a little deeper!

What Is Boombox Mode?

Telsa’s Boombox Mode is the ability to play your own sounds or music via the external speakers in your Tesla. You can choose up to 5 different tracks that can be uploaded via USB stick and then have them play outside your car.

Why Do Teslas Have External Speakers?

The external speakers in more recent model Tesla vehicles were added to help provide a pedestrian warning system. When an electric vehicle is driving slowly around places like car parks, pedestrians usually have no clue they are coming.

So, Tesla added external speakers to make a sound at low speeds – 19 mph /32 km/h. The volume of the sound then increases with the speed.

Which Teslas Have Boombox Mode?

Boombox mode was added in the software release 2020.48.26 during Christmas of 2020.

However, only Tesla vehicles built after September 2019 have external speakers installed. So, if you have a software version later than this and a Tesla model built after this, it will have this mode.

How To Enable Boombox Mode

You access the Boombox Mode via the Toybox app icon, then scroll down to Boombox.

Then you have a choice to change the sound of the boombox or the horn.

There are a number of built-in sounds such as:

  • Fart
  • Toss a Coin
  • Goat!
  • Snake Jazz
  • Coconuts
  • La Cucaracha
  • Polynesian Elevator music

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