Tesla Boat Mode – Does It Work?

Tesla Boat Mode is not an official mode endorsed by Tesla!

Instead it is a kind of insider joke by Tesla enthusiasts about a Teslas ability to float and not leak when driving through very high water.

Unfortunately, a lot of people end up in such “high water” during floods or when fording rivers and when you have a traditional ICE car with an engine, it does not take much water to flood the engine and stop the car in its tracks.

And although Tesla has not specifically tested or endorsed using a Tesla in high water it has been seen to work on numerous occassions.

One of the lates times Boat Mode was on display was during floods in China in 2021. In this video you can see the Model 3 Tesla drive through the insanely high waters while all other cars are stopped in their tracks.

You can also see a Model X driving through flood waters a few years back in this video.

And again a Model S in this video driving through quite high water.

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