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If you’re a Tesla owner, congratulations, and thanks for helping clean up the environment with your zero-emissions vehicle. And whether you’re new to Tesla, a seasoned owner, or simply have the lofty goal of owning one, you need to be aware of all the awesome mobile apps available for your smartphone that will enhance your driving experience.

With these third-party Tesla apps, you can easily locate the nearest charging station, learn about updates for your car, control numerous functions, learn the latest Tesla news, and more. Following are the best Tesla apps you should know about. 

Tesla Motors

Let’s begin with the official Tesla app for iOS, Tesla Motors. This basic app from the manufacturer may not have as many bells and whistles as some of the third-party apps, but it’s polished, intuitive, and offers support from the most prominent and influential manufacturer of electric vehicles. And you won’t have to worry about your password security as with some of the others. 

The official Tesla app lets owners communicate directly with their vehicles and Powerwalls. You can control the charging process and get real-time charging progress. You can also control the locks, flash the lights, sound the horn, and open or close the panoramic roof. You get lots of security with the ability to locate your car and track its movement. For comfort, cool or heat your car in advance. 

Remote S

One of the best smartphone apps for Tesla Model S and Model X, Remote S has almost all of the functions of the Tesla Motors app and more. The list of remote commands includes locking and unlocking, temperature control, control of the horn and lights, starting and stopping, charging, and opening and closing the charge port. You’ll spend less time on charging and have the ability to view detailed car usage statistics. 

The app was developed by a Tesla community member and is supported with regular updates. Download and install Remote S on all iOS devices or later for only $9.99. 

A Better Route Planner

This free app enhances Tesla’s in-car navigation which is good but could use a few more features. A Better Route Planner began as a web app and is now available for Android and iOS. (I have reviewed all the great Tesla Route Planners before)

The app lets you enter your starting point, final destination, and stops along the way. You can also put in your estimated driving speed, analyze energy consumption, and the charge you want to have at the end of your trip. 

A Better Route Planner shows you Tesla Superchargers as well as third-party chargers. Best of all, you can load the app on the in-car charger, load up the app, and get real-time tracking. 


With the PlugShare app for iOS, you’ll have the most complete and comprehensive worldwide charging map for around 100,000 charging stations. The database includes stations from major networks in North America and Europe including Tesla Supercharger, EVgo, Blink, SemaCharge, ChargePoint, GE WattStation,  RWE, AeroVironment, Clever, Enel, and Endesa. You’ll also have access to around 500,000 station reviews along with photos. 

You can also use such iPhone apps to pay conveniently and securely for charging at participating locations. PlugShare accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. 

If you happen across a charging station that isn’t in the database, you can add it with the press of a button to help out other Tesla drivers. 


The TezLab app was created by owners of the Tesla Model S P85D to help you drive more efficiently and stay connected with the broader Telsa community. It keeps track of many parameters and breaks down the information into metrics drivers can use.

Battery graphs give you a view into high, medium, and low-efficiency usage. Trip details show costs, average speed, efficiency, and elevation. It also includes a few function controls such as locking and unlocking doors and controlling the HVAC.  You can upload a web view to use while driving. 

The app is free to use for a 7-day rolling window of data. The recently-launched TezLab Pro unlocks added features for between $2.99 and $29.99. 


TelsaFi gives you in-depth information on your trips, charging, energy use, battery life, and how temperature is affecting your efficiency. All of the data is exportable, and the app is easy to use.   The app isn’t free, but a two-week trial period is offered. After that, service is between $5 and $50 per month. 


This app is a source of news for all things concerning Tesla. It serves as a crowd-sourced database for Tesla owners to connect and communicate. You’ll get news and updates about electric vehicles from reliable sources without having to rely on information from the mainstream media.

Stay aware of what’s happening in the world of electric vehicles and Tesla’s plans for the future. The community currently has over 50,000 users who actively participate in discussions and share new Tesla locations. The app is especially helpful for first-time Tesla owners. 


This app gives you straightforward, no-nonsense information about charging rates, energy use with easy-to-read graphs while it tracks your trips. The navigation and screen layouts give you insight into your Tesla’s features. It also incorporates all the standard Tesla controls such as starting the car, opening the trunk, and controlling the climate. 

The Stats app also lets you add the controls to your Apple or Siri devices. Use it with your phone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Homepod. 


With the SentryView app, you can format a USB drive so your car automatically saves footage from the Sentry Mode while driving. It operates much like the TelsaCam Reviewer. Plug the USB drive into your phone and scan through recorded footage. It groups camera angles together so you can watch them all at once. You can also email or text them. 

EV Trip Optimizer

Use the EV Trip Optimizer with your smartphone to plan trips, charge your vehicle,  and set multiple waypoints. You’ll find the fastest route to your destination. It uses specific information about your Tesla including model, charger, battery, wheels, driving style, and motors.

The app keeps track of information such as weather along your route, wind speed, temperatures, elevation gains and losses, estimated speed, charging capabilities, and more. 

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