Tesla AWD vs RWD – Model 3 & Model Y

When you are in the market for a new Tesla vehicle, one of the big things you have to decide is whether to get a rear wheel drive (RWD) or all wheel drive Tesla (AWD).

Both are great vehicles, however, there are quite a few differences. Both in traction control and handling as well as overall power and battery range.

The Main Difference Between an AWD vs RWD Tesla Model 3

The main difference between a Tesla AWD vs RWD is that the all wheel drive is dual motor (one at the front axle and one at the rear axle) whereas the rear wheel drive only has one on the back.

Tesla all wheel drive vehicles also typically have longer range, accelerate faster and have a few more premium features.

Model Y

Is AWD better than RWD Tesla?

In general, if you can afford it, an AWD Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is a better vehicle. The two electric motors allow the AWD vehicle to more finely control power distribution to all four wheels.

When you accelerate, especially in more tricky conditions (winter driving in snow, mud etc) the electric vehicle can more easily cope with slippage. This is done through a combination of traction control software, ABS braking, as well as power distribution to the wheels.

If you want to see how an AWD Model 3 performs with different wheels losing traction, you should check out this video.

Premium Sound System

As well as dual motors, the Long Range Model 3 with All wheel drive, and the Performance Model 3 both have the Tesla premium sound system.

This sound system is far superior to the RWD model with 14 speakers, 2 amplifiers, and a subwoofer in the trunk whereas the RWD only has six speakers. So, the rear wheel drive is still ok, but no where near as epic as the AWD.

Premium Interior

This can get a little confusing as it has changed with each model over time. However, the Premium interior usually refers to the addition of the premium sound mentioned above as well as heated rear seats and some extra floor lights in the rear.

This higher level interior is available on the Long Range and Performance models.

Performance Model 3 Extra Features

The Performance Model 3 is not only the fastest model off the block, it also has the most stunning wheels with 20’’ Überturbine Wheels coming standard. This Tesla model also comes with Performance Brakes, a Carbon fiber spoiler and Aluminum alloy pedals included. This is normally part of the performance package.

Is AWD faster than RWD?

An AWD Tesla Model 3 or Y can accelerate faster than a Tesla rear wheel drive car. The 0-60 of a RWD Tesla is around 5.8 seconds, while a standard AWD Tesla is 4.2 seconds and a Performance Model 3 is 3.1 seconds.

Are Tesla Cars All Wheel Drive?

The simple answer is that not all Tesla models are All Wheel Drive. However, both the Model S and Model X do come standard with AWD. The Model 3 and Model Y have them as an option. Although, the Model Y is often only available with All Wheel Drive in some countries.

Model Y Rear Wheel Drive Not Available?

One thing worth noting with the RWD Model Y is that on the Tesla.com website in most countries it is not available. Take the USA for example,. go to Tesla.com and you cannot order the Model Y Standard Range which is rear wheel drive.

You can buy the standard range Model Y in China, which won’t help most of you. And it is apparently available on special order (i.e you have to do it via email on the Tesla website). So, if you want one, I am not 100% sure you can get one.

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