Tesla OBD – What Are The Options?

If you know anything about cars and electronics then you might be wondering if Tesla has OBD (On-board Diagnostic)? After all, access to the OBD port gives you a lot of data about the car and enables you to learn, diagnose and fix things that you otherwise would have no chance with. Interestingly, OBD became … Read more

Do Electric Cars Have Catalytic Converters?

If you know much about internal combustion engine vehicles, then you know they all come fitted with a catalytic converter. They have been a mandatory part of cars since 1975 when they first appeared as a must have on American vehicles. Why Do Cars Have Catalytic Converters? A catalytic converter placed under a vehicle in … Read more

Does Tesla Use Google Maps?

tesla maps and navigation

If you have ever used the Tesla navigation system and trip planner, you probably recognise the maps and have wondered if Tesla really uses Google Maps? The short answer is yes. Tesla uses Google Maps for the display of the maps on the screen for navigation. However, the actual navigation comes from outside suppliers. Which … Read more

GM Ultium Battery Platform

GM has chosen to go all-in when it comes to electric vehicles and to support this ambitious plan they are basing all their new vehicles on the Ultium Battery Platform. Taking a play out of Tesla’s vertical integration strategy, GM is trying to reduce costs, in-source engineering and create an EV platform that is sustainable … Read more

Tesla Factory Tours & Parties

Tesla now has three Gigafactories around the world. There is one running in America in Nevada, California and Buffalo, New York, as well as one in Shanghai, China. On top of that, Tesla has it’s first factory in Freemont, California, which is not a “Giga” per se, but still one of their most important factories! … Read more

Tesla Car Names – How & Which One?

When you get a new model Tesla, you might be tempted to name it. After all, people like naming their favorite new toys, children and cars, right? And now that you have helped accelerate the electric car revolution, its time to celebrate it with a Tesla car naming ceremony. But first, you have to pick … Read more

Does Tesla Get Government Subsidies?

money subsidies government

Yes. Like almost all large companies, Tesla takes advantage of incentives and subsidies from federal, state, and local governments. This helps them to accelerate the construction of factories, expand existing facilities and grow the business at a faster rate. Of course, not everyone sees this as fair. However, governments are always making offers of tax … Read more

Does Tesla Deliver To Your Home?

tesla delivery center

When it comes time to take delivery of your new Tesla you might be wondering how you are going to get it. Should you take some time off work and pick it up at the Tesla Service Center? Or maybe you would like Tesla to deliver it to your home. Just like your Amazon deliveries! … Read more

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