Tesla Active Noise Cancellation – Model S & X

Tesla has recently introduced active noise cancellation on the revised Model S and Model X.

Active noise cancellation helps to reduce the noise in the cabin of your Tesla by measuring the noise instantaneously and emitting noise from the speakers to counter it.

It is no surprise that this feature is only available on the premium Tesla Model S and Model X, and not yet on other models.

When Was Tesla Active Noise Cancellation Released?

Tesla released Active Noise Cancellation with software update 2021.44.5 in December 2021. Because the hardware was already installed in the Model S and X, it was simply an over-the-air software update to enable it.

How To Enable Active Noise Cancellation

In order to enable active noise cancellation on your Tesla Model S or X you have to do the following:

  • Tap Audio Settings
  • Choose Options
  • Selection Active Road Noise Reduction

Which Tesla Models Have Active Noise Cancellations?

Tesla has only added active noise cancellation in the new 2021 Model S and X. Other models in the Tesla range like the Model Y and Model 3 do not have this feature.

How Does Tesla Active Noise Cancellation Work?

Active noise cancellation works by sampling the noise in the cabin and then using the vehicle speakers to nullify that noise.

Tesla has placed microphones in the top of the front seats to sample the cabin noise. They then pump in what they call anti-noise to create areas of quiet around the occupants.

Such a noise cancelling system is never perfect, but it will reduce more constant road noise such as that produced by tires or wind, and other vehicles around you.

Microphones located in the top of the Model S Seat
Microphones located in the top of the Model S Seat (blue area) for Active Noise Cancellation

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